What is the festival?


The Pride of Saddleworth is an Arts Festival celebrating LGBT+ life in Saddleworth. Our first annual event takes place on Sunday 4th, 2019 with all proceeds going to local charities.

We have an exciting programme of events including theatre, hiking,
art exhibitions, brass bands, cycle races and tea dances. The festival will focus on inclusivity and all events are for everyone, whether you're straight, lesbian, gay, bi, or trans!

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Save the date!

The Pride of Saddleworth is on Sunday August 4th, 2019


National organisation Pride Sports to run sport events at Pride of Saddleworth

We’re delighted to announce that national sports organisation Pride Sports will be organising and running all Pride of Saddleworth sports events on Sunday 4th August, 2019, including the Big Gay Pride Climb to Pots and Pans and a competitive cycle-race.

Pride Sports challenges homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in national sport events and improves access to sport for LGBT+ people. They campaign for change, educate, promote good practice and actively grow LGBT+ participation and satisfaction in sport and are responsible for the international Football v Homophobia campaign providing year-round opportunities for football clubs, players, fans and administrators to stand up to discrimination and make football more welcoming for everyone.

Pride Sports also has strong international links through the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF), Federation of Gay of Gay Games (FGG) and the FARE Network. Pride Sports is also part of the Pride House International Coalition.

We feel very honoured to have Pride Sports involved in our inaugural Pride of Saddleworth festival. Their wealth of experience in running LGBT sports events across the country is unparalleled
— Nigel Durkan, co-organiser, Pride of Saddleworth

What's On


SUNDAY 4th August, 2019

7am - 10am
Location TBC

10am - 11am
Weavers Factory, Uppermill

11am - 1pm
Uppermill to Pots and Pans and back again

11am - Midday
Saddleworth Museum, Uppermill

1pm - 3pm
Weavers Factory, Uppermill

1pm - 6pm
Uppermill Civic Hall

7pm - 9pm
Uppermill Civic Hall



Time: 10am - 11am, Sunday 4th August, 2019
Location: The Weavers Factory, 13 New Street, Uppermill, OL3 6AU Map
Organizers: The Weavers Factory

The Pride of Saddleworth kicks off with a launch event at the Weavers Factory in Uppermill hosted by artist Sina Sparrow.
An artist, illustrator, comic book designer and DJ, Sina’s work explores themes of popular culture, movie icons, camp and cult B-Movies, pop idols, LGBT culture, and comic book heroes. He has recently worked with Liberty of London to launch Bella Freud’s PsychoAnalysis project. Sina’s first Solo Show premieres at the Pride of Saddleworth Festival and will include some of his most notable art, plus a new range of paintings, zines and T-shirts.



Time: 7am - 10am, Sunday 4th August, 2019
Location: TBC
Organizers: British Cycling Association



Time: 11am-1pm, Sunday 4th August, 2019
Location: Meet the Weavers Factory, 13 New Street, Uppermill, OL3 6AU Map

Why have a traditional Gay Pride March when you’ve got one of country’s finest landscapes on your doorstep? So for our inaugural march we’re hosting ‘The Big Pride Climb’ - a 2-hour trek up to Pots and Pans in Saddleworth and back down again. The view from the top provides some of the finest scenery in the North of England with 360-degree views across the Moors. When you get to the top you can rest your tired trotters with a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake before heading back down to Uppermill Civic Hall for the Pride of Saddleworth Closing Concert. Feel free to bring flags, whistles, drums, or failing that just a nice comfy blanket.



Time: 11am, Sunday 4th August, 2019
Location: Saddleworth Museum, High St, Uppermill, Oldham OL3 6HS Map
Organizers: The Makers Place

Angela and Luchia have spent the last half a century fighting for their rights as women and as lesbians. Their work has revolutionised Manchester whilst transforming the lives of thousands of women and yet no record of them exists in the city’s archives; theirs is a story that risks disappearing from history. 

Manchester, 1969. Luchia Fitzgerald, a teenage Lesbian runaway from Ireland struggles to survive on the streets of Manchester. She’s arrested and sent for a lobotomy to cure her of her “deviant sexual tendencies”. Luchia escapes the lobotomy to seek solace in the New Union, a pub at the epicentre of Manchester’s underground gay community.  

Luchia is at her lowest ebb when she hears a female student at the next table giving voice to every frustration she felt; Luchia pulls up a chair to listen. That student was Angela and this chance encounter sparked a relationship that has endured fifty years of euphoric highs and earth-shattering lows in the struggle to change life for ALL women. 

Under Angela’s wing Luchia is educated and politicised through the burgeoning women’s lib movement of the 1970s. The pair fall in love and form the Manchester branch of the GLF (Gay Liberation Front). Together they experiment with activism beginning by painting “Lesbians are everywhere” in yellow across Manchester. The couple then progress to helping form a rock band, opening a printing press and squatting a house that would become the city’s first women’s centre inspiring other local women in the process. When the police ask Angela and Luchia to start looking after battered wives Manchester’s first women’s refuge is formed.

As their work gains a momentum of its own and changes lives beyond the city Angela and Luchia’s love affair begins to falter. The GLF disbands, the band splits up and the printing press closes. It’s the 1980s and things are moving backwards not forwards. Set against this landscape of apathy comes a bombshell: Thatcher’s repressive Section 28 bill. It is this attack against their hard-won rights that forces the women to reunite and transform the city once again. 



Time: 1pm - 6pm Sunday 4th August
Location: Civic Hall, Uppermill Map

The Pride of Saddleworth afternoon party will be held at the Uppermill Civic Hall and features the best in Saddleworth music, entertainment and dance. The party will include singing, comedy, a raffle, a performance from the English National Jazz Orchestra and closing with Britain’s first LGBT Brass Bands, created especially for the Pride of Saddleworth inaugural festival. If you’d like to get involved email us at



Time: 7pm - 9pm, Sunday 4th August, 2019
Location: Uppermill Civic Hall, Lee Street, Uppermill, OL3 6AE Map
Organizers: Saddleworth Live

Pride of Saddleworth closes with a concert at Uppermill Civic Hall, brought to you by Tim and Michael from Saddleworth Live. The wonderful 2-hour evening of theatre, comedy, cabaret and song from international cabaret star Velma Celli’s. ‘A Brief History of Drag” is fresh from its hit run at the Edinburgh Festival and takes the audience on a whirlwind tour around some of the most recognisable moments in the history of Drag, from Freddie Mercury’s black leather skirt and fishnet stockings in I Want to Break Free, to Rocky Horror’s Doctor Frank N. Furter, Iconic features powerful vocal performances, lots of cheeky fun, and a couple of surprisingly moving moments. Oh, and audience participation of course!

About us

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The Weavers Factory

Julian Bovis and Nigel Durkan launch The Weavers Factory Art Gallery in Saddleworth in April 2019. The Gallery will be a mixed-use Art Space including galleries, studios, workshops, art shop and tea room. The gallery will show some of the country's finest emerging contemporary artists with a programme of creative education courses and pop-up events.

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Saddleworth Live

Tim Newbold and Michael Powis bring the very best Arts and Entertainment to Saddleworth working in collaboration with the Millgate Arts Centre, Delph. They have been producing shows in Saddleworth for seven years and pride themselves in programming, promoting and hosting the best quality theatre, music, comedy and cabaret from around the world.


Superbia is Manchester Pride's year round programme of culture, designed to support, curate, fund and promote LGBT+ events throughout Greater Manchester. We do this in three ways:

     1. By supporting existing LGBT+ events with free promotion and marketing through the Superbia events page and social media, which we’d love you to help us grow. Submit your LGBT+ event to us and we’ll take it from there!

2. By funding LGBT+ events with Superbia Grants. If you need funding to stage an event or programme, you can apply to us for financial support. Each application is diligently judged on its own merit by an independent committee. The events we support include arts and cultural activities, campaigning, debate, health and wellbeing, events with a message to challenge discrimination, and projects raising awareness of LGBT+ and HIV issues. 

3. By curating original Superbia events through collaboration with partners, venues, groups, curators, community members, artists and creatives. We aim to keep our events free of charge, diverse, accessible, intelligent and welcoming.